Our home is not a limitation, it’s our world.

Starting from this consideration we paid more attention to the

small details.

Thus 20c19 is born, from an involuntary collaboration,

almost like a game. Two different entities in two different moments.

Thinking in an autonomous, separate,

distanced way, reflecting on real, daily, familiar images.

The report at the start of each chapter is a commentary on the

pictures, posted weekly on social media, which became

a recurring correspondence.

This is a project made to remind us, mostly to

ourselves, that observing the details always brings

new thoughts to reflect on.


Until today your days have been bombarded with

news, images, prompts, ideas, work, school, gym.

A chaotic coming and going that set the rhythm

to your life.

This first week moved quickly. I have to say that between pizza,

baked goods and homemade pasta, being locked in the house

and unplugging is not that bad.

(Just a little bit boring, but they say it won’t last long,

“strength and courage”, “together we’ll make it!”)

You made a puzzle… I haven’t seen one since 2005.


What were you afraid of?

You got back into reading, a classic, and finally you found

the time to play around with the little Baghera,

she must have felt alone during this exam session

since you were always busy studying

Then a couple of little projects on the computer, just so you don’t

lose the hang of it and obviously the ever-present homemade pasta.

I have to say you’re keeping busy!

(It's going to be okay! More or less.)


The boredom of routine starts to set in: first bed, then kitchen, bathroom, bed,

then maybe I’ll eat, then bed again, memes on Barbara D’Urso,

then bed and the flashmob on the balcony, on loop everyday.

Waking up you look outside your window, maybe searching for

somebody or something that can remind you that

there’s still life out there… It rains, It’s not unusual for this time of year,

after all even the nursery rhyme says that March is a bit crazy

when it comes to weather. Your house is completely empty, quiet,

almost at peace, both inside and outside.

At my house my mother is struggling with Zoom,

she doesn’t want to fall behind with work, and between

video calls she asks me why she can’t enter the

virtual room, or how to silence her microphone.

At the same time my brother plays Playstation during

Italian class, pausing only when called…

How sly!

Meanwhile the apples you bought at the start of the week

are beginning to spoil.


You finally did your laundry, it was time to

get out of bed and wear something other

than pajamas. During these dreary weeks black tea has

become a must. Anyhow I think your phone must be

broken, because that’s the only explanation

as to why you dug out this vintage-looking one,

complete with a cord and Grandma’s doily.

It brings back good memories of entire

afternoons spent twirling the phone cord between my fingers

and then trying to untangle it during long, long

phone calls. Now we have Whatsapp

and continuously videocalling our relatives, we almost

talk more than before. It seems like it’s doing us good!

It’s almost 6pm, time for the flashmob on the balcony


A happy little family of ladybugs came to keep you

company. You turned on the lights, it was dark, certainly

you didn’t want to step on them. Maybe those little

wooden ladybugs are the only thing cheering you up in

this endless quarantine.

Today I turned on the heating, outside the sun is shining but it’s cold.

I have been wearing a sweatshirt and a blanket at home for a month.

It’s April, we should be outside chasing butterflies.

But as a result of always keeping the lights on, the light

bulbs on the ceiling light and the table lamp blew out, it was time

to change them. It seems even the sun changed its

light bulbs, but ones with billions and billions of lumens;

an insane amount of light comes from outside, fortunately you have those

new curtains! It had to happen this year that we have

plenty of sun for Easter and Easter Monday.

Have you finished the spot to hang your pot holders?


You know, today I had a nightmare: we had to stay

locked inside for forty days! Oh no…. I’m now receiving

word that it is not a dream

If last week you had the ladybugs keeping you

company, the protagonist of this week is a

shining yellow 500. It reminds me a little of the one from Lupin III,

maybe this is why it is so charming. As a contender

for the title we have a small wooden elephant:

Look out! Look out! Pink elephants on parade.

Are there any new and interesting pastimes this week?

Yes, untangling the headphone’s cord and a Briscola tournament

with mom and dad!


The dictionary reports under the entry “Quarantine” the

following definition: “ a period of segregation and

observation to which are subjected individuals,

animals or things considered being able to bring

or detain germs of infectious diseases; the name

originates from its duration of forty days”.

Then why has it been forty-five days?

At the start of the week there was a clear sign that the

lockdown is ending and that spring is coming.

You turned off the heating. What a shame

that Nature caught you off guard and

dropped the temperature drastically during the weekend.

You even changed out your winter wardrobe for summer.

In your yellow drawer the the light clothes and in your blue

drawer the dark ones. Just to add a bit of suspense

to these days… Now everytime you have to choose what to wear

it will feel like you’re inside Matrix: blue pill or red pill?

But it’s Friday, which means, for who works,

it’s time for Netflix and a blanket!


It’s official, the 4th of May phase two starts,

our time of forced isolation is over.

If at the start we were a bit scared, this quarantine

has proved to be “comfortable” if sometimes boring.

We got used to a more relaxed routine, made

of small gestures. Going out to the office

everyday will seem strange now.

Meanwhile delivery services keep working non-stop.

You took up online shopping, searching for something to

show off at the first opportunity, when everything

is over and, to cite the most famous genius, billionaire, playboy,

philanthropist to ever live, when “something like a normal

version of the planet has been restored, if there ever was

such a thing”.

Looking out of the window you breathe in the scent of

spring…. Ah yes, that’s right. Perfumes!

You decided to buy a perfume, to add to

your collection.