Giuliana Giannetto


Born in Messina in 1995. She attends an Arts High School where she finds her passion for the Arts. From 2014 she moves to Catania, city where she attains a degree in Technological Arts and a Master’s degree in Artistic Design for Industry - Visual Communication Design Course.

She participated in various contests and exhibitions both locally and nationally. Her job is built around visual culture, working with graphic and photographic media and focusing on simplicity and familiarity in the transmission of the message from the sender to the user. In a world assailed by complicated messages, being essential is key.

She has the environmental issue close to her heart and she is actively involved in activities of environmental protection. Everywhere she prints she favours and promotes the use of eco-friendly paper.

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

2020 - A Surrealist World.