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Giovanni Pennisi

Oil on canvas 120x80

Giovanni Pennisi’s artistic research is mainly tied to landscape painting.

The main subject of his canvases are landscapes, specifically unmanageable, solitary and sublime landscapes that entrance but at the same time instill dread. An unlivable scenery, but also a dimension in which the individual can reflect and recover a sense of self. Finding themselves alone, far from the noises of the city and with only their thoughts as company. One thing that immediately stands out in his artwork is the contrasts between the simple, linear background, achieved with even brushstrokes and solid colours, and the foreground, with every element meticulously studied and full of details, a result of the use of various techniques.

This contrast arises from the artist's desire to underline the two facets of nature: one that human beings can comprehend, represented by the detailed foreground, and one that eludes them, because of its intensity and grandeur. In order to accentuate this facet he favours a solid colour background, almost symbolising a veil covering that aspect of nature our senses cannot grasp

Lastly, cold and dull colours prevail as they are used to represent and describe a dark, solitary and melancholic location. Everything inspired by the characteristic scenery of his territory, Sicily, reinterpreted with a personalised approach.