Giovanni Pennisi


Born in Catania the 18 of July 1995. He attends the Arts High School “Filippo Brunelleschi” in Acireale where he graduates in 2014. In the same year he enrolls in the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, pursuing a degree in Visual Arts and Painting. In March of 2018 he completes the three-year course graduating with 110 and honors, he later decides to continue his education enrolling in a Specialization Degree in the same course. He is currently completing his specialization and he is occupied with the creation of other works, mostly pictorial, created for educational and personal purposes.

He participated in exhibitions and events such as: “Oltre le parole…” (80° anniversary of the passing of Pirandello), “Confluire”, “Ego Eco”, “Orizzonti Perduti”, “I Segni della Vita", “Il Chiostro ospita l'Arte”, “Le Querce parlano d'Arte”, “I Colori della Luce”.

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

Visions, 2020 - A Surrealist World.