Franco Ursino


Born in Catania the 27th of October 1960; although his birth was recorded by his father the 30th of the same month. His passion for photography was also passed down from him, an interest he cultivated from an early age together with the passion for writing and poetry. Over the course of his life he embarked on many trips all over Italy with various theatre companies, giving him the possibility to discover and capture a multitude of perspectives, landscapes and life moments from which he took inspiration for his photographic collections.

Being part of a completely analog generation, his art had to evolve with the digital shift. He created his own personal style combining the reality of analog photography and the surreal of digital post-production.

In 2010, as a “party favour for his 50th birthday” he published his first booklet titled “Private delirium of a public man, public delirium of a private man” containing both photographs and writings.

At a later time he published his second work “Venus” and a pamphlet containing his poem “Attimo di Nulla”, his last work before a premature passing. 

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

Le querce parlano d’Arte – fourth edition, Le querce parlano d’Arte – fifth edition, Visions.