Alessandro Carrera

Web Developer

Born in Catania in 1993 I always had a passion for computer science and technology. Since childhood I developed an interest in all the ways in which this world works. But only when I started studying at a polytechnic institute in high school that I could begin to deepen my technical and scientific abilities.

I learned a lot among school desks, but nothing caught my attention like programming: I find fascinating the condition in which humans can create algorithms of varying complexity to improve our lives or simply just for fun. As for me, I personally always take advantage of programming and technology to improve my life (and I was often successful in doing so).

In all of my years spent writing lines of code for whichever operating system only one programming language found its way into my heart unlike any other: PHP. It immediately captured my attention and involves all of my interests; because it is connected to the greatest and most prodigious endeavour of human engineering ever invented or in existence: the Internet. Thanks to PHP I slowly came closer to other encodings like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML and other frameworks, which opened the road towards the world of web developing.

Today, many years after my first “Hello World” in C at my school desk, I’m a fully-fledged Web Developer even though I realise every day that in this world we can never stop learning.

So, what do I think of my job? There’s nothing better! (other than PHP) 😋

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