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Federica Calleri

Tautegory is a term coined by Coleridge in 1816; by tautegorical we mean ‹‹a translucence of the exterior through the temporary›› or, according to the Oxford English Dictionary: ‹‹representing the same subject although with a difference››.

In this piece, in the making for more than a year, the difference is given by the passage of time. A bench becomes an excuse to describe the changes happening within the space of the frame: it isn’t just time that changes the space, but also the actions of the people that live in it. Each person that takes a seat, every light change, every weather condition and micro-story that takes place there changes the bench and the space around it.

I like observing the succession of stories and creating a narrative of my own, with a voyeuristic gaze and from a different perspective.

This project is a personal study on space and the people living in it.