Massimo Vittorio

Amateur Photographer

Born in Catania in 1975. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy and is author of two publications: “Percezioni” (1996) and “In riva al mare” (a collective, 1998). He is always active in the social sphere of his home town, Acitrezza, contributing to local associations with a focus on school communities in his area. He is a photography enthusiast, from 2015 he tries to produce personal and unique points of view to capture everything that fascinates him, always in different ways. His favorite quote is “observe where others can only see”.

He participated in exhibitions and events such as: “Mastri d'ascia di Acitrezza -una storia vera-”, “Aci San Filippo: la sua Basilica, il suo Santo, i suoi Devoti”, “Il chiosco ospita l'arte”, “TrezzArte”, ”Bell'Italia”, “Acitrezza, dal mio punto di vista” (personal exhibition).

He was the winner of the contest “Istagramers of the year 2017” on the Instagram page Ig_Catania and of the contest “#myagathaexperience”.

Some of his photos are published in newspapers such as “Lasiciliaweb” and “la Repubblica”.

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

Visions, 2020 - A Surrealist World.