Emanuela Sapienza


Born in Catania on the 18 of January 1997. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in Photography and New Technological Arts. She always had a passion for photography, especially towards Fashion and Still life.

She typically prefers a minimalist style, characterised by a monochrome background and an emphasized subject.

In 2019 she found her way in an industry she always wanted to work in. She worked as a photographer for Wycon Cosmetics, Garnier Italy and Deutschland, combining her interest in social media and media communication. She is interested in visual semiotics, which is what brought her towards advertising photography and advertising in general. 

Today she works as a photo editor, photo retoucher and photographer, managing the visual design section of magazines and lookbooks for several foreign brands! In 2020, living abroad several kilometers away from Italy, she reached every goal she had set for herself . Her work has been published in many renowned Fashion Magazines, ranging from France to the United States, such as: Fashion Since, Inpiece, Edith, Moevir Magazine, Flanelle, Life is Art, Malvie Magazine, Over, etc.. 

In the last year, despite the continuous obstacles caused by Covid-19, in addition to working with models she shot many photographs where she herself is both the model and the photographer. In a variation of her usual style, expressing meticulously the philosophical concept of being subject, object and action, both in front of and behind the lens.

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

2020 - A Surrealist World.