Chiara Castorina


Allow me to introduce myself, I’m an artist born in a small town near the seashore in the province of Catania: Aci Castello.

I was born in 1985 and since I was a child I showed interest in being creative and drawing, for this reason I chose to attend art schools, from high school to the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, attaining a Degree in Painting.

During these years I developed an interest for other techniques such as sculpture, also present in my paintings through some textured elements or in relief. But I don’t stop there, I always try to experiment with new techniques and materials that make my painting style always different and ever evolving; for example with the use of digital tools to create illustrations. 

I believe that this is my concept of Art: a continuous search of new ways of expressing oneself through experimentation of various artistic techniques. Transforming Art from an object to a way of being.

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

Visions 2024, Visions, 2020 - A Surrealist World, Le querce parlano d’Arte – fourth edition, Le querce parlano d’Arte – fifth edition.