Arianna Randazzo


I grew up in Carlentini (SR) with the sweet scent of orange blossoms! I have been living for more than twenty years in San Nicolò, a small district of Aci Catena (CT); city famous for the Verdello, a variety of lemon.
I obtained a Diploma as a Surveyor but my main passions have always been drawing and painting.
Since I was a child I spent hours drawing but I never furthered my artistic education. A couple of years ago, after all my children became independent, my old passion strongly reemerged.
I could finally enroll in a private painting class at the Artea Association and I started creating my own paintings.
I was making my dream come true.
I discovered that my favorite subjects were landscapes and portraits and through them I could express something about myself that people have come to recognise and appreciate.
I could understand that my talent went beyond just drawing so I started to experiment with new colours and techniques putting them into practice naturally and with ease, as if I always knew them.

The artist has also participated in the following online exhibitions:

Visions, 2020 - A Surrealist World.